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Salle Saint-Georges ("Saint George Hall") refers to the building situated to the left of the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall) and which is connected to it via the upper floor. It is constructed in the baroque style.

This hall was formerly the deputy burgomaster's oratory, where first mass was held for city officials. It was from a room named the Salon des Etats – situated on the upper floor of Salle Saint-Georges and at the end of the Gothic hall of the Hôtel de Ville – that the authorities followed religious services, thanks to a set of double doors which opened out over the deputy burgomaster's chapel.

This chapel, restored in the early 20th century, was built in 1601 to replace a previous chapel dating from the 14th century, the apse of which still remains in part.

A number of fellowships held their meetings in this oratory, the most famous being the Saint George fellowship. However, there is nothing left in the Saint George chapel referring back to these past events.

After being allocated to various public services, from tombolas and raffles to the electoral service, the hall is today used exclusively for exhibitions.


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