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Van Gogh in the Borinage

New Scenography

Cuesmes, a small village in greater Mons, is now amust for all fans and experts on the work of Van Gogh. For a few months this house on the outskirts of Mons was home to one of the best-known artists on the planet: Vincent van Gogh. It was during his time in the Borinage that the preacher decided to become an artist. The location and the surrounding countryside were permeated with shades of rural and working-class
life, which the painter would incorporate into his work throughout his career.

It is a site dedicated to remembrance, and the new layout reflects this. The exhibition begins with a slow introduction that starts at the entrance in the garden and continues into a building designed to convey the history of the site. The tour continues in this little house completely redesigned to express simply and thoughtfully the spirit of its famous inhabitant. The tour ends with an audio experience, putting the artist and his work back into the historical context of the Borinage. It was here, in this modest home, that Van Gogh took the first steps in his artistic career. The themes he tackled, such as that of the workers and their modest homes, would reappear frequently throughout his work.




(c) Jean-François Berhin

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