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Documentation center

A unique tool at the heart of the Museums Hub. A library with about 15,000 books.

The Documentation Centre of the museums of the City of Mons is a library containing approximately 15,000 books, including the content of the Fonds Neirynck library, deposited by the French Community of Belgium, the main topic of which is the CoBra movement and the artists associated with it.

The Documentation Centre was established in 2008, in collaboration with the Réseau de lecture publique des bibliothèques communales (Public reading network of public libraries). The purpose was to add the works belonging to the Mons museum collections to a shared bibliographic catalogue and to make this accessible to the public.

In the course of deploying and reorganising the museum projects, and then of creating the interpretive centres for the three UNESCO sites, the Documentation Centre was developed to give the public a document library connected with the richness of the museums and heritage of Mons.

It is aimed at the general public, secondary school pupils, university students, museum professionals and professionals from the art world, as well as teachers. In particular, a number of educational packs put together by Belgian or foreign museums are made available to teachers. The Documentation Centre does not have a collection for children, however they will be able to find a very wide assortment of books aimed at them at public libraries in the Mons network.

The Documentation Centre works closely with the libraries belonging to the public reading network of the City of Mons (shared electronic catalogue, inter-library loans, copies of documents and "L’Enfance de l’art" – a biennial children's art book festival).


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