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The discovery of an exceptional site

Discover an exceptional site In the midst of beautiful greenery, SILEX’S will enable visitors to understand all facets of this internationally renowned archaeological site.

The result of committed joint efforts over a number of years between archaeologists and curators, architects and museum designers, the centre will make it possible to protect, benefit from and offer better access to this exceptional archaeological site.

At the site, visitors will be able to enjoy informative routes and walks, and while in the pavilion, stroll about within an area overlooking the archaeological excavations. At the heart of the exhibition is the notion of human ingenuity and mining activity dating back 6400 years. Finally, a descent into a real Neolithic mine, nine metres deep, will be available subject to advance booking and safety precautions. Special guided tours will also be available for some visitors, including school groups and workshop attendees.

A project co-funded by the European Union, the Walloon Region/CGT and the City of Mons

The architect Etienne Holoffe talks about the project (in French)





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